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A Proven Framework and Process

Your organization needs a reliable, repeatable process that creates accessible data that can be applied to your decision-making process consistently from budget to budget. OnlinePBB provides a proven framework and methodology for creating, managing, and using Priority Based Budgeting data. 


OnlinePBB Software

OnlinePBB is a unique software that enables a reliable and repeatable process to create, manage and apply Priority Based Budgeting data. The creation and maintenance of PBB data through OnlinePBB empowers organizations to make and communicate budget decisions and work towards their community’s priorities consistently from budget year to budget year.


OnlinePBB Pathway
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The Pathway to Data through OnlinePBB


PBB exists to provide the pathway to achieving an outcome by creating data and shared language to communicate resource allocation and alignment to priorities. Through OnlinePBB, the PBB implementation process and ongoing data management are simplified into repeatable steps to ensure consistent data delivery to inform your budget process and connect your budget to your community’s narrative from budget to budget.


The intuitive path provided by OnlinePBB begins with the creation of a program inventory. From there, line items are allocated to those programs, followed by an evaluation of each program against your community's desired results.

The Priority Based Budgeting Data Layers


Program Inventory


Communicate the story of your organization.


Create an inclusive, programmatic language that communicates what you do as a person, a department, and organization and a community.



Programs connect and communicate

The shared language created through programs provides an open pathway for communication between departments, executive leadership and elected officials, translating to transparency and accountability to the community and its citizens.


Cost Allocation


Determine the Total Cost of Offering a Service


Put your line-items to work in an easy to communicate format by allocating them to Programs. Making decisions at the Program level provide the complete picture of what costs support your programs



Programs provide an understanding of the line-item budget

The line-item budget is an important data set, but decisions at the line item level are often sweeping, and the overall impact is difficult to determine. Allocating line items to programs provides a new depth of understanding about what services are impacted by each and every line item, Personnel and Non-Personnel.


Basic Program Attributes (BPA)


Describe Your Programs to Aid in Decision Making


Evaluate your programs to give shape and scope and to add communication opportunities



BPAs build filters for data analysis and decision making

Establishing the level of mandate, the measure of demand, the percentage of cost recovery, the portion of the population served and the degree of reliance is an invaluable aggregation of data to support decision making and to communicate how and why those decisions were made.


Evaluation and Alignment


Understand the Impact Each Program Makes 


Evaluation against your results describes how your programs align to the outcomes your organization wants to achieve



Results align programs to your priorities

Results utilize your organization's unique vision and strategy to ensure that your budget represents the values of your community. The degree of alignment to your results helps determine which programs most positively impact your organization and community.


Insight Application


Every Program Has a Future


Provide ideas for how programs could and should be offered to more positively impact your community



Insights facilitate communication and collaboration

The insight creation process taps the organization's collective knowledge base to enable action at the program level. Following the PBB BluePrint, participants in the process establish possible changes in service levels, ideas for efficiencies, partnership opportunities and revenue-generating recommendations.

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