PBB Blue Print

How to apply PBB data!

A critical element of applying the vast amount of program level data (program name, description, full cost of delivery, basic program attributes including mandate and reliance, and impact on results) is processing your program through the PBB blueprint.


The PBB blueprint was specifically designed for organizations to apply PBB data. Applying PBB, organizations discover solutions to optimize their current resources, and explore opportunities to attain new resources in order to successfully launch the new programs and bolster the highest priority programs required to create the best future they can.



Applying the PBB Blueprint


The challenge is one of resource scarcity, for which there are two primary means to create an abundance of resources and overcome the problem. Conceivably, the organization can either change the way it spends or allocates the current resource base it is provided, and/or it can devise of new ways to bring additional resources into it’s possession. To solve resource scarcity, both of these levers aim to create new resources, with which the organization can fuel the programs it desires to launch.


  • Free up, and re-allocate current resources – this approach focuses on the “expense” side of the equation, exploring opportunities to rethink how current resources are being spent. Presumably, one-hundred percent of an organization’s budget is the maximum potential of the solutions in this realm of opportunity.

  • Generate new revenue – this approach focuses on the “revenue” side of the equation, determining opportunities to bring new re- sources into the organization that weren’t previously collected.

Repurpose Your Budget

Among the Resource Optimizer Award recipients were the first 5 organizations having demonstrated successfully that they have repurposed over 10% of their budgets, freeing up the massive resources required to launch new and high-priority services, as well as enhancing current programs that need to grow. The goal is to transition the aspirational concept of 10% budget repurposing from a “massive stretch goal” to something that everybody can achieve.

City of Salem, Oregon - Over two days in October 2019, the City of Salem applied the PBB Blue Print to identify over 127 program-specific opportunities and recommendations for taking action representing millions. 

Case Studies:

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